Child Protection


This link will take you to the LGFA & GAA main websites which contains all the information regarding Child Protection issues.

Adira Allure and her boyfriend are having a heated argument over the phone. She has been ghosting her recently. Adira is still seeing her girlfriend post pictures on her social media. This includes pictures of her with other women. Adira is crushed when the argument escalates. Angelina Please happens to be nearby. Angelina is understanding and invites Adira over to her home to have a chat. She doesn’t want her to feel alone. Adira is in need of companionship and agrees to share a hug.
Adira and Adira take a dip in the tub together later to unwind. Adira is known for having a bad habit in dating women who are not good for her. Angelina asks Adira if she’s ever been with trans women before. She thoughtfully replies that she’s only ever dated cis men.
Sparks fly when Angelina’s eyes wander down to Adira’s cock. Angelina may be surprised but she is determined to rebound!